VR opens new possibilities for business applications especially for training, research and entertainment. These new media enables new forms of immersion, flexibility in training scenarios and the ability to accustom to locations that are expensive or impossible to use under normal circumstances. Next to the improvements in quality it also reduces costs and increases the throughput.
Below you will find a selection of various products and projects that we accomplished with our partners during the last years.

Emergency: CBRN Defense Training

In a cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and the National Defense Academy of Austria our tracking technology “Triple Track” and our Immersive Deck was used in a study about CBRN-Defense training. The study provides deep insights into possible uses of VR in training scenarios. The results are promising and once again illustrate the advantages of virtual reality when used in training and simulations. Image source: link to NATO publication

Emergency: Fire Deck

Our Fire Deck is a great example how VR can help to train people in emergency services. With a large-scale training experience for Firefighters we developed a high immersive and very helpful tool for rescue workers. Dangerous situation from exploration to operational handling can be simulated. The scenarios can be supervised by a trainer and modified in real-time to adjust it to the skills of the users. Every training session can be monitored live and filmed for watching later in additional training hours to evaluate the training session.

Training and Education: Wind Turbine

The wind turbine shows how VR can train technical staff in unknown environment or on new  components. With this large-scale training experience for engineers we developed a high immersive and helpful tool for experiencing the complex maintenance of an offshore wind turbine.

Training and Education: Speech Training

In cooperation with the specialist publisher and seminar provider Dashöfer we developed a highly immersive speech training application with lots of features to improve and building up trust into giving a speech to an audience. You can upload your presentation and speak in a virtual conference room. Different level with various interceptions by the audience prepare you for reality. Artificial intelligence will measure your talking speed, repetitions, filler words and if you kept eye contact.

Architecture: Visualization

We help architects to visualize their concepts in most working stages e.g.:

  • Stage 2: Surrounding View/ Environment, Geodata and Photogrammetry
  • Stage 5: Detailed Planning and Integration of BIM Files
  • Stage 6: Orientation and Familiarization of Building Users

Health and Medical: E-Health – Motion Capture Project

Virtual Reality makes big progress in E-Health and we absolutely believe in the success of VR and AR in the medical sector, because of it’s proven results in the first public papers and our own observations and test studies. Working together with universities and clinics we will ongoing publish new projects and results.

Science and Research: VR Technology and Psychology

The aim of the research group IMMERSIVE DECK® is to form a cluster for those universities, institutes and scientists, who dedicate their work to large-scale experiences. Illusion Walk supports research and studies by financing, platforms and know-how. We focus on technology, redirected walking, clinical rehabilitation, psychological and sociological factors, like immersion or teamwork, narrative techniques and new forms of storytelling for large-scale Virtual Reality. The Immersive Deck is the suitable platform for foundational topics, as well as for specific projects. Read more about our scientific publications:

Research Group

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Entertainment: Large Scale VR Experience “Saratoga Mayday”

We love to produce immersive content for the entertainment industry!

Our dedicated team developed “TIME WARP CORPORATION – SARATOGA MAYDAY” for multiuser large scale interaction.
The Immersive Adventure is the most advanced VR-entertainment format – a crossover between cinematic storytelling and role-play interaction.
This highly immersive team event with a thrilling story takes place in a free-roaming large-scale playground along with impressive VR effects and interactions.

Find out more about our Living Adventure Experience on it’s website

Time Warp Corporation - Saratoga Mayday (Teaser)