The aim of the research group IMMERSIVE DECK® is to form a cluster for those universities, institutes and scientists, who dedicate their work to large-scale experiences. Illusion Walk supports research and studies by financing, platforms and know-how. We focus on technology, redirected walking, clinical rehabilitation, psychological and sociological factors, like immersion or teamwork, narrative techniques and new forms of storytelling for large-scale Virtual Reality. The Immersive Deck is the suitable platform for foundational topics, as well as for specific projects. Please contact us for more information:

Scientific Publications

Compressing VR Fitting Large Virtual Environment within Limited Physical Space

Flexible Spaces A Virtual Step Outside of Reality

Immersive Deck A Large Scale wireless VR-System for Multi Users

Influence of Vertical Navigation Metaphors on Presence

Mutual Proximity Awareness in Immersive Multi User Virtual Environment with Real Walking

Preventing Imminent Collision between Co-Located Users in HDM-Based VR in Non-Shared Scenarios

Towards Efficient Spatial Compression in Self-Overlapping Virtual Environments

Wienrich et al._Social Presence and Cooperation in Large-Scale Multi-User Virtual Reality-2