Our Service

We offer Virtual Reality technology, content and distribution concepts for large-scale, multiplayer areas. Illusion Walk  produces high immersive content with own concepts and tools. We combine the latest VR technology and realtime 3D rendering to bring the user the ultimate immersive experience: to walk and interact with others in large-scale virtual reality spaces!

At our studio in Berlin a steady team of 12 specialists develops platform and content for entertainment and commercial use, such as gaming, edutainment, architecture, show rooms, and training.


Training courses on various topics related to VR and the science behind are held regularly. With absolute experts like our business partners like INTO VR 3SECHZIG GMBH and our partner universities we are able to present you the latest information and insides about virtual reality and augmented reality.


With more than 6 years of experience within developing software and hardware for virtual reality applications we are able to create tailor-made concept to match your requirements.


We provide you and your business with the right premises to run your VR applications to train your employees, build your teams and teach your customers.


As experts in development of virtual reality applications we can offer you software development of the highest quality.


We understand your needs and are able to configure and setup your hardware requirements.