Illusion Walk Meets Film University

Illusion Walk Meets Film University

Illusion Walk hosted special visitors – Students of the Master’s degree in Script Writing/Dramatics discovered the Immersive Deck

Together with their lecturer, Linda Brieda, they tested the heart and soul of our platform. Always keeping in mind the directing in Virtual Reality.

Lecturer Linda, scriptwriter and director herself, is currently writing her doctoral thesis at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. The main focus of her research is dramatics within the medium of VR.

A perfect starting point for a visit at Illusion Walk. You could practically feel the students’ fascination with the technology. The new experience of the walkable virtual world broadened the discussions and showed the medium’ s particularities.

We are excited about the interest in our platform and can imagine great opportunities for mutual assistance within the scope of developing VR storytelling.