Press Release: ILLUSION WALK KG announces the start of the Immersive Deck public beta program with KolossVR

Press Release: ILLUSION WALK KG announces the start of the Immersive Deck public beta program with KolossVR



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ILLUSION WALK KG announces the start of the  Immersive Deck public beta program with KolossVR


  • Illusion Walk opens large-scale virtual reality lab in its recently-opened office in Berlin
  • Following two years of focused development, Illusion Walk is ready to launch Immersive Deck into public beta
  • Illusion Walk is developing KolossVR, the first “large-scale team VR game”


Berlin, August 10th, 2016 – With its relocation to a new office in Berlin, Illusion Walk has extended its virtual reality lab to a large 150m² scale to continue working on its product, the Immersive Deck. This unique real-time platform enables several users to walk and interact as teams in virtual worlds. After finishing its last test series, this holodeck technology can now be tested by single users and teams who register in the public beta program.

Jim Rüggeberg, CEO of Illusion Walk KG says: „We are very excited to announce the start of the Immersive Deck beta program. After two years of development behind closed doors, it’s now time to open the platform for interested beta testers and potential licensees. We expect to gain valuable feedback and first results of system key figures. Content development targeted at walkable, real-time VR holodecks is still at the very beginning and we also hope to get support from the VR community. Being in direct contact with the testers will help us enormously and the feedback will be directly used in our further development.

Illusion Walk has developed a variety of demos for the Immersive Deck to showcase the possibilities of the platform. The beta testers will have access to the multiplayer VR gaming prototype – KolossVR – which can be played with up to four users simultaneously.

About Illusion Walk KG

lllusion Walk is a young startup working on the development of a walkable virtual reality platform named “Immersive Deck”. We combine the latest hardware technology and prototypes with our software to bring our users the ultimate immersive experience: walking in large-scale virtual spaces! In our offices in Berlin, we are testing our multiplayer prototype and creating the initial content for the gaming experience. “We have formed a team of experts in hardware assembling and VR game development to have control over every aspect of the final experience.” says Jim Rüggeberg.

About the Immersive Deck

The Immersive Deck is a real-time holodeck based on a unique interactive multiuser concept aiming at large-scale applications including gaming, edutainment, virtual training and VR showrooms. The “Triple-Track®” software fuses existing tracking and motion capture technology with high-end real-time rendering. The modular structure enables selection of the ideal setup combination for many different applications, from multiplayer gaming or walkable VR showrooms to virtual training scenarios. In addition to features such as large-scale tracking even from room to room, unlimited player numbers, and lowest latency, the Immersive Deck also offers specialized tools including “gamemaster”, “character switch”, “virtual exit”, and “redirected walking”.

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